Relationship between rainfall and water table in a coastal aquifer: the case study of Castelporziano presidential estate

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Francesca Banzato *
Marino Domenico Barberio
Andrea Del Bon
Alessandro Lacchini
Valentina Marinelli
Lucia Mastrorillo
Stefania Passaretti
Chiara Sbarbati
Marco Petitta
(*) Corresponding Author:
Francesca Banzato |


This study is focused on the analysis of seasonal and annual variability in groundwater levels of the coastal aquifer of Castelporziano Presidential Estate, a protected area of 59 Km2 located in the periphery of Rome. A comparison with the local trends of rainfall at “Castello” gauging station at different time scales (monthly, seasonal and annual) has been carried out. The results highlight differences between the coastal area and eastern and northern sector of the Estate. Indeed, the seasonal effect due to local meteoric recharge is direct and regular during the year in the coastal area in respect to the eastern and northern sectors of the Estate. Moreover, annual steady regime and multi-year trend of groundwater levels suggest the contribution from the adjacent volcanic aquifer of Albani Hills. In the latter case, the regional circulation of groundwater is affected by the effects of intense withdrawals. The maintenance of the monitoring network will allow to define the flow paths of the groundwater that characterize the coastal aquifer of Castelporziano.

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