The City of Rome and its groundwater: from critical issues, to urban resilience opportunities

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Francesco La Vigna *
Isidoro Bonfà
Alessandro Gianni Coppola
Angelo Corazza
Cristiano Di Filippo
Gianluca Ferri
Simona Martelli
Carlo Rosa
Claudio Succhiarelli
(*) Corresponding Author:
Francesco La Vigna |


This paper emphasizes the importance of groundwater resources of Rome with regard to its protection, and the associated issues. There are different tipologies of interference between human presence and groundwater in the city, ranging from the presence of water circulating inside the thick layers of anthropogenic deposits, the frequent contamination of groundwater, the presence of mining activities, the presence of archaeological heritage in underground or in low areas affected by flooding also induced by water table rising. Despite the various issues that are found, the knowledge of groundwater resources of Rome can be an important starting point to enhance its protection s and take advantage of the related countless benefits also aim to increase urban resilience.

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