Non-thermal aquifers in San Giuliano Terme area of Monte Pisano

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L. Sergiampietri *
D. Andreani
(*) Corresponding Author:
L. Sergiampietri |


This work, starting from a structural description of Monte Pisano, defines three main aquifers hydraulically disconnected from the San Giuliano Terme thermal system. The characterization of the three hydrogeological systems allows to calcolate the respective water budgets based on 1956-2002 rainfall and temperatures data. Moreover, in 2006 June-July, a survey and sampling of the main springs, fed by the defined aquifers, was undertaken. All this along with the chemical analysis allows to infer the paths and the travel time of the water through the aquifers. Finally, a comparison between these analysed waters and San Giuliano Terme thermal waters was performed: it led to trace the hydrochemical evolution of Monte Pisano waters on San Giuliano Terme side.

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